Craft Beer Tasting



Flat Rock brews craft beer, specialising in traditional English ales. This tasting will showcase 4 different styles, serving one of the beers in a traditional way, straight from the cask as well as serving one from cans, two from taps.

The tasting will be hosted by Karl, owner of Flat Rock, who will take us through how ‘real ale’ or cask conditioned ale is created and will demonstrate the process of cask tapping which he says, “is quite a performance and fun to watch”.

Flat Rock Brew is a small family owned local business with a focus on craft beer with a small nano-brewery on site, set up to operate in a sustainable manner. Karl and Jenny Riseborough, long-time local community members, started the venture in 2012.

Flat Rock produce keg beer, the same as you will see in all Australian pubs and differentiate themselves by serving English cask ale. At the packaging stage, beer is racked into casks and left to condition, or carbonate by themselves. Once ready, they can be tapped and drawn by handpump up to the bar. Whilst this is common in the UK, there are not many places in Australia that do this in the traditional English method. Each brew run is approximately 200 litres, and as a result, production is very hands on and results in a true craft product.

Education of beer is one of the highlights for Karl who regularly hosts beer tastings to share his passion. Food will be included.